Five Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe This Summer

Five Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe This Summer

You love traveling with your pet. However, what happens if the place you’re going does not allow pets? What should you do? Can you leave your pet in your car? This is fine on cold days; however, now it’s summer. Temperatures inside a closed vehicle can get to above 100 degrees (even on spring and autumn days that aren’t all that hot outside), and a fast car can heat up in minutes.

Also, remember that your dog is protected from the scorching heat of the day by his fur coat, so never put a muzzle on him when it’s particularly hot outside. Leave your dog at home when it’s too hot outside (indoors or under shade, always drinking water). Leave someone in the car with them if you have to stop quickly.

Summer Dog Safety Tips

The summer season is the best time to go with your pet for a walk in the park. You can visit the beach, host an outdoor barbecue, or stroll in the garden this time of the year. It may be pleasing to cool off with an iced drink as the sun is beating down, but remember that your dog could be feeling the same way. The summer months can be dangerous for dogs. Here are five quick safety guidelines:

1. Provide water and a shaded place to rest.

We’ve all heard that dogs aren’t as adept at controlling their body temperature as human beings. On a scorching day, they should remain inside. It is required to give your pet an environment that is a cool and comfortable space to rest when you are out in the heat. Water is vital, and you shouldn’t overlook it.

2. Find a cheap plastic pool.

Are you planning to take a dip in the pool, one of your top things this summer? Your dog is probably on the same page. You should invest in cheap plastic toys (dogs’ nails could puncture an inflated one). If a pool isn’t available, a sprinkler or hose can provide entertainment and refreshments.

3. Take your dog for an outing during the more chilly hours.

If you take your dog for walks regularly, you should walk in the early morning hours or late afternoon when the sidewalks aren’t very hot. Your dog’s feet will be burnt by hot sand or concrete. Avoid walking on asphalt or concrete if you must do it during the day.

4. Always give them fresh water.

Be sure that you never let your pet drink water from lakes, oceans, or even swimming pools when you’re on a swimming vacation since this could be dangerous for him. If too much saltwater gets consumed by a dog, it can lead to dehydration, vomiting, and even death.

5. Check for warning indicators of heatstroke.

It’s essential to spot the signs of heatstroke symptoms in your pet and get your pet to the vet immediately. Drooling, heavy panting, and glowing red gums are early signs of dog heat stroke. Vomiting, lethargy, and yellow gums are indicators of extreme heat exhaustion.

Your pet and your pet will have a wonderful summer if you follow these simple safety guidelines for dogs during this summer season.

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