5 Reasons that Make Turtles Great Pets

5 Reasons that Make Turtles Great Pets

Turtles are among the planet’s oldest living reptiles. Their slow movements, cute gestures, and hard shells distinguish them as pets. They’re tough, modest creatures who are also enjoyable to care for. Cats and dogs are popular choices for new pet owners. They are, however, much more expensive and difficult to maintain, especially if you are always on the go.

Tortoises and turtles make adorable and excellent pets you may not have considered before. Now, let’s get into the practical reasons for getting a pet turtle.

Why Should You Consider Getting a Pet Turtle?

While turtles and tortoises appear to be low-maintenance pets with simple care requirements, they can live for decades and will necessitate a lifelong commitment. Furthermore, they are becoming more popular and attractive as pets. If you’re not a fan of turtles, you will be after reading the five reasons we’ve listed below.

1. Cleaning outside their habitat is not needed

The tank you will provide for your turtle is their entire world. This is why it’s critical to carefully select their home and surroundings, but it also means that you will not always clean up after your turtle’s mess. You only need to clean their mess when you change the water in their tank and clean what’s inside.

Dogs and cats shed poop and leave messes in the home, which can be pretty troublesome. Having turtles as pets gives you peace of mind because you won’t have to clean up after them or scoop a litter box.

2. No need for regular grooming

Turtles, unlike traditional pets, do not require regular grooming, which is a significant advantage. They don’t have fur, which is another advantage for people allergic to pets. Furthermore, they do not require bathing or brushing, but there are a few things you can do to keep your shell and skin healthy.

3. Relatively low maintenance

Every pet has difficulties, and turtles are not exempt from this rule. Pet turtles, on the other hand, will cause you fewer headaches than more high-maintenance pets. Tortoises and turtles are small, which is one of the reasons they make good pets. They’re also low-maintenance and quiet. Your turtle can live a long, happy life and stay with you for decades with proper habitat, diet, and consistent care.

4. Their enclosure is their universe

While cats and dogs require freedom to roam the house, many turtles are perfectly content to live inside their enclosure. Because turtles will spend most of their time in their tank, selecting the appropriate tank is critical.

Turtles will need larger tanks than you think. When purchasing turtles, always do your homework and become acquainted with everything they will require once they arrive at your home. You could also do yourself a favor and buy a larger tank for your pet turtle to grow into rather than upgrading as the turtle grows.

5. Not picky eaters

If you have picky eaters at home, your pet turtles will never exacerbate the situation. Water turtles are omnivorous, consuming feeder fish, worms, and green produce. You can also purchase ready-to-feed and nutritious pelleted diets from local pet stores. Tortoises are also not as difficult to care for.

Most are herbivorous, eating vegetables, fruits, hay, grass, fresh greens, and pelleted tortoise diets. Vitamin and calcium powder on their food at least 2-4 times per week will benefit many reptiles.

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