Preparations for Pet Boarding: Things to Bring

Preparations for Pet Boarding: Things to Bring

Having already found someone to take care of your dog while you’re gone, you should now prepare to go by bringing along all of the necessities for your dog’s stay. All pet boarding facilities require the following items. You should have the following ready before you bring your dog to the kennel. To ensure that nothing is forgotten, it is a good idea to write it all down.


Even if you only want to keep your dog inside, proper identification is a crucial part of dog ownership. However, you should update your pet’s records during the boarding term. In most cases, a collar with an identity tag and a microchip is the most reliable means of identifying a dog.

Each one needs to have your contact information, including your phone number and potentially your address, as well as your dog’s name. Furthermore, it is highly recommended that you include a means of reaching someone in an emergency. Also, don’t forget to have your pet checked by a veterinary dentist before boarding to avoid future problems while you’re gone. 

Emergency Contact Details

Leaving a contact number for your dog is a good idea, just like leaving one for a human child. The boarding facility caring for your dog while you’re away should have your contact information in case of an emergency. Finding someone you know and trust, like a friend or family member, is ideal because they’ll get along great with your dog.

You should also include your vet’s contact details in your submission. Your regular veterinarian will have access to your dog’s health records in the event of an emergency while you are away. Your regular vet may be able to refer you to an emergency clinic in the area if they cannot treat your pet while in boarding.

It’s important that the kennel has a list of local emergency clinics and their home page; if you know of any, you should add them. The kennel staff will be better able to handle a crisis if you provide them with as much information as possible.

A Familiar Blanket or T-Shirt

That our pets miss us when we’re gone shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Leaving our pets at a kennel or even a friend’s house might be stressful, but if we bring along a comforting item, they may feel more at ease. T-shirts and blankets that have seen better days are always welcome.

Your perfume, the scent of your dog, and the scents of your loved ones are all captured in these items. You may easily pack these items into your dog’s backpack and use them to ease his anxiety or homesickness. Silky and physically comforting, they are a bonus.

Favorite Snacks and Toys

You should plan for your dog to have things to do when he is away from home. A fantastic way to keep your pup entertained during his visit is to bring along some tough chews. The presence of familiar objects will increase his comfort and facilitate his making new human and canine friends during his stay.

A dog’s sense of normalcy and comfort might be supported by familiar objects that serve as visual cues to home. If your dog, for example, is used to getting a reward at a certain time every day, you might ask the boarding facility and give them more details to continue this routine.

Extra Food

Some boarding establishments give their food, but a drastic shift in diet, especially when our pets are already under stress, can be harmful. If you’re leaving your dog with a friend or at a daycare facility for the night, make sure to include his usual food and water. Extra food is also recommended if your travel plans are interrupted due to an emergency.

Flights get canceled or delayed, and hotel stays get lengthened for various reasons. You must ensure your dog has enough food to endure until you get back if this happens. Having your dog’s upset stomach made worse by an unplanned delay is the last thing you need.


To ensure that you have brought everything necessary for your dog’s stay in boarding, you should call the facility ahead of time and ask a member of staff what they require and what other dog owners usually bring when dropping off their pets for an extended stay.


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